Saturday, June 22, 2013

Attention fun seekers: I have an activity for you!

I'm sure many of you {who live near the water} have seen people attempting to stand on surf boards and use giant oars to push themselves through the water. Have you ever sat back and wondered, "what in the world are they doing?" Well I'm here to tell you! Those surfboarding people are paddle boarding {a fun ocean exercise used to strengthen core muscles and tone arms}.
Although it sounds like a lot of hard work propelling yourself through the water, it is actually very relaxing and easy! For Christmas I payed for my boyfriend {Charlie} and I to go paddle boarding. We had not been able to use the gift certificate until last weekend because of our very time consuming sports {Me. Volleyball. Charlie. Basketball and Track}. It was probably the most fun I've had in a while.
Getting up on the board was the most difficult part of the entire hour. "Both feet must be shoulders' width apart and straight towards the front of the board, you can't sway or you will fall ... blah blah blah blah..." The man we rented the boats from was very specific on how to get onto the boards. Once on the board it was very easy to manage and it barely felt like I were working my core and arms. I definitely thought that I would be falling off the board every 5 seconds because I have terrible balance, but it was very easy to remain on the board {when you weren't trying to splash someone}.
Paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy exercising without realizing you are exercising! Definitely look into going paddle boarding if you live near the water and you want a relaxing fun time. It was $25 per person for an hour where I took Charlie and it was well worth the money. I had so much fun with him, I would 100% go again!
Some Suggestions:

-Wear plenty of sunscreen! Being out on the water gets you burnt quickly.
-Do Not wear expensive sunglasses! I was very nice and I lent Charlie my black Ray Bans Wayfarers... he fell into the ocean and my sunglasses sunk to the bottom {luckily after 15 minutes of searching he found them}!
-Expect to get wet

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