Sunday, June 23, 2013

searching for the perfect study space

Recently I have been searching for ways to make my study space in my new apartment custom. Throughout my search I have been attracted to anything that makes the space clean, geometric, and minimalistic. My mum {being the Pottery Barn addict that she is}, suggested I look at their new Daily Wall Systems. I was pleased to find that these were just the things I was looking for and they are so customizable. The only problem I was facing is that I need my TV to also be on that wall and my TV is much bigger than either of the largest pieces Pottery Barn offers. Thus, a DIY craft project was born...

I knew I did not want a white board in my wall organizer because I think they always look messy. Plus, I write list after list on sticky notes so a white board really wasn't the thing for me. I did, however, LOVE the linen inboard {$54}. To make the Wall System look like a cohesive piece I needed to either make my TV smaller {ha!} or make my own linen pinboard that better matched the size of my TV.

So mum and I took a trip down to Joann's and {using our Joann's coupon app} found some great deals. We found that it would cost us about {$10.52} to make something very similar {and much more custom} to the Pottery Barn version.

What we needed:
~Ply Wood {Custom cut to the necessary size}
~Thin batting {to add some thickness}
~ 1/2 yard of linen or canvas fabric
~ 1 spool {about 18 feet} of white ribbon
~Staple Gun

Once we got home we had Dad cut the plywood into our custom size and rounded the edges just slightly-- to make it look more professionally made. 

 Then, we layed out the batting and cut it just larger than the piece of wood.

Then using the staple gun we carefully & tightly secured the batting all around the piece of wood. 

{We discovered that it was helpful to remove excess fabric so the staples could go through}

Once the batting was on, we ironed the fabric so that there we no creases. 

After ironing, we followed the same folding method that we did with the batting. We had to make sure we were extra careful with the corners so that no bumps could be seen when it was hanging.

Once the fabric was stapled to the wood, we laid out ribbon & measured how far apart each should be. After some careful measurements we tightly secured the ribbon onto the board with the staple gun.

The finished project.

When it was all said and done, this project was $46.72 cheaper and it is the exact size I will need to create this Wall System in my apartment.

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