Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anthro Inspired Snow Globes

With the holiday season is quickly approaching it is time to begin jumping into the holiday crafting spirit. Walking through Target and the malls we have been overwhelmed by the many christmas trees, ornaments, and music playing. So as a way to jump right into the holiday spirit, we decided to make Mason Jar Snow Globes. For any of you avid Anthropologie shoppers you may see a similarity in Five Times the Fun's snow globes and Anthro's.We were inspired by their cute and quirky style and decided to try it ourselves.
{Anthro's Mason Jar Snow Globe}
We made a Mason Jar Snow Globe for less than $7 compared to the Anthro jars which were $20. It was a fun holiday craft, super easy to make, festive and it is usable as Christmas decoration or a gift. So without further a-due here is our tutorial on how to make your very own Anthropologie Inspired Mason Jar Snow Globes.

-Mason Jar
-Hot Glue Gun
-Fake Snow
-Mini Trees

I found the Mason Jar at JoAnns craft store for $1.00 and the mini trees were $2.00 each {I made more jars so I bought a bulk pack for trees for $10}. The glitter and fake snow was from JoAnns and both added up to $5.00. So all together the snow globes were only $7!!

Hot glue your mini tree to the mason jar lid. Make sure it is stuck on really well!
Add your fake snow and glitter to the bottom of the jar. Make sure there is not too much snow and glitter. If you have to much it will cover the tree too high.
Place the tops onto the mason jar and flip over. Let the snow settle at the bottom of the jar.
If you want the sides of your jar to be frosted with glitter, take a paint brush, dip it in water and "paint" the sides of the jar. Put the glitter and snow into the jar, add the lid and shake. The glitter will stay attached to the side of the jar.
Don't be afraid to experiment! Add other things to your jar besides the mini trees and add ribbon or lace around the bottom! 

Perfect way to jump into the holiday spirit with a simplistic southern charm. 


  1. just showed this to Abbey - we are totally going to do this! thanks ladies!
    cousin muffy

  2. Oh great! Please email us the pics :)