Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So many makeup videos so little time....

So with a bunch of new found time {that I should be using to study...} I have spent a ridiculous amount of time watching makeup videos on YouTube. This newly found addiction has caused me to kill my computer battery {numerous times}, spend copious amounts of money on makeup {because if they use it... I HAVE to have it}, spend countless hours in Sephora, and lose sleep because I have to keep watching. I want to share with you a few of my favorites at the moment and hopefully you think they are as awesome as I do! With that being said, I have warned you about how addicting this habit can be.

Proceed with CAUTION....

So, if you have continued this far down you, {like me} want to know more about this crazy world of makeup. I began watching makeup videos by Carli Bybel {her youtube channel is here} and it is completely her fault that I became so addicted. She is such a sweet person {because we are such bffs now} and is so incredibly talented.

She uses all kinds of makeup from EVERYWHERE. Being the makeup snob that I am {well used to be}, I always thought the key to doing your makeup well was to have expensive makeup and top of the line brushes. Carli {first name basis} has makeup of great quality and most of it she finds at drugs stores for not much money. She does, however, use quality brushes that can be pretty pricey. One of the things I love about Carli is that she shows drug store alternatives to any of the pricier products she is using in her videos {including brushes}.

{Carli is also very talented when it comes to hair! So if you are looking to learn some more things in the hair department, she is your girl!}

If you check her out on YouTube you will see that she does use quite a lot of makeup and it is frequently pretty dark. I always take what she does and alter it slightly so it not quite so much. 

The next makeup queen I fell in love with {sorry Carli, I'm cheating...} is Jaclyn Hill. Her videos {youtube channel here} are mostly makeup focused. She works at MAC so she mostly features their products but if she likes another brand {drugstore brands included} she is not afraid to tell you. I am a MAC lover {just like Jaclyn... bffs} so if she says she loves another brand more... I have learned to take her word for it. 

Since Jaclyn's eye shadow tends to be VERY dark {recently}, I mostly watch her foundation and contouring videos. 

She is a HUGE sigma brush fan, so I just had to try them out. I tend to either buy cheap cheap brushes {less than $15} or expensive brushes {over $35} because I'm usually in the mood to spend $$$ or I'm not. BUT, Jaclyn has taught me to buy brushes that are right in the middle. The first two brushes I ordered were the ones she uses in most of her contouring videos because {like I said} if she uses it... I HAVE to use it. I have found that the brushes are awesome and are of great quality. I am a total Sigma brush addict now and I have a feeling if you watch Jaclyn's videos you will be too! 

Last but definitely not least is Lauren Curtis {youtube channel here}. Lauren is a blonde {like me}  so she typically does makeup that is lighter and therefore more flattering on me {opinion}. She, like Carli and Jaclyn, is extremely talented and has caused my vanity to be full and my bank account to be empty. 

One of my favorite videos from Lauren is her Makeup Do's and Dont's. I would definitely recommend watching this video because it really is incredible how she can make herself look so drastically different and just how important it is to know how to do makeup. 

Her contouring videos are also really helpful because they are less dramatic than Cali and Jaclyn's and they go into detail about where all those colors and shades go on your face.

Well, that's a wrap on my fave YouTube famous makeup artists. Hope you enjoy watching their videos and learn from these incredibly talented gals. If you find any other makeup artists on YouTube that you love, PLEASE post in the comments below {need to keep feeding my addiction}.


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