Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cotton Anniversary

June 30th just seems like any other day to most people, but to Charlie and I {and in a strange coincidence, my parents} it is our anniversary! It is crazzzyyy that we have been dating for two years now. What?? I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! In anticipation of our anniversary coming up I have been racking my brain thinking and searching for cute gift ideas for Charlie. And after many days of planning and thinking I finally came up with the perfect present for himmmm :)


Now I'm sure many of you are wondering... hmmm, what the heck is cotton? Well before you jump site and start thinking I'm crazy, just wait, hold up and let me explain myself. 

As I'm sure many of you are aware, anniversaries usually have a traditional anniversary gift that goes along with the year.
and if you look at 2nd anniversary you will see that cotton is the traditional gift. So there is my hidden logic behind this strange gift idea. 

What I decided to do with this cotton was to give Charlie a present for each letter, sort of like an acronym.
Each gift correlates with a letter.

C is for Comfy Boxers.

Tommy Hilfigure

O is for One Pack of Socks

Polo Ralph Lauren

T is for Tickets to an FSU Football Game.

T is for T-shirt.

Vineyard Vines.

O is for One and Only.

N is for Next Year's Adventures.

:) I hope this helped you think of anniversary present ideas for yourself and a loved one! I thought this was super cute and a fun way to celebrate with Charlie. 

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