Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LillyGeneLetters on Etsy

For those of you love handcrafted things but just don't seem to have the patience or ability to create them I have a super easy fix! As back to school is rapidly approaching many of us college bound students are searching for a little pop of color to brighten our drab concrete dorm walls. I decided to brighten my walls by creating some decorative frames {post coming soon}, but if that isn't for you I have another great idea. 

My friend Ms. Hannah Gene Martin has recently started up an Etsy account {under the name LillyGeneLetters} and she hand paints letters in Lilly Pulitzer inspired patterns!

With these super cute customizable letters you can mix and match these fun Lilly patterns for a fraction of the price! LillyGeneLetters sells each letter for $10.99 {plus shipping} and you can select your letter and the pattern you want {First Impression, Chiquita Bonita, Sunkissed}. 

These letters are perfect for dorm rooms, nurseries or just wall decorations! Mix and match three of the letters to create a cute and colorful monogram display. The possibilities are endless on what you could do with these super fun and bright Lilly Pulitzer inspired letters.

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  1. Anonymous7/29/2014

    This will be great for my dorm room! I will order my name! Great Idea!!!!!!!