Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bookshelf Do-over

Bookshelves can easily look messy or sloppy when not organized to perfection. I was inspired by a blogger I absolutely love when she redid her office space, her son's office space, and her laundry room. Her name is Jen and she is so organized it's unbelievable. She has a mild obsession with bins, boxes, and cute printables; but when it is all put together it looks very minimalistic and it is very user-friendly. Check her out blog here. 

Because of how small my room is in my new apartment, my bookshelf needed to serve many functions. It needed to store books, hide some craft supplies and medicines, serve as a jewelry holder, and hold some documents that are yet to be filed away. 

Mum and I visited Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Homegoods to try to find some bins and boxes to serve all these functions. We were amazed with all the goodies we found! 

{drawer organizer for jewelry}

{magazine holder for loose papers}
{pretty boxes for craft supplies and medicines}

{final product}
The two pretty boxes were $5.99 each, the magazine holders were $9.99 each, the big wicker basket was $9.99, the drawer organizers were $3.99 each, the decorative flower was $11.99, and the books were previously owned. 

This bookshelf is now the perfect home to so many different necessities and it is very versatile. Can't wait till I move in and get to add this to my room!

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