Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY: Fabric Lined Mason Jar

I have noticed so many people experimenting with Mason Jars recently. They are everywhere and so useful. I've seen them used for smoothies and coffee, transformed into giant candles, and just used for decoration.  Soooo I decided to share with all of you a very easy and fun way to transform a Mason Jar {or any other jar} into something interesting and versitile.

DIY: Twist On The Classic Mason Jar
This DIY is quick and easy to do! The Mason Jars can be used for so many different things: desk decorations, pencil holder, candle, coin collector, etc.

So here is what you'll need!
- Mason Jar {size doesn't matter! for this project I used a pint sized}
-Small Paint Brush
-Light Fabric {fabric quarters}
-Small Cup

1. Take your fabric and measure {guestimate} about the length you are going to need it. Make sure the fabric will be long enough so that it reaches from the  middle of the bottom of the jar to the top {or a little out of the top}. 
{cut the fabric into strips}
2. In the small cup combine glue with water {1:2} and mix well. If needed add more glue as you start adding the strips. The mixture should be a thicker than water

3. Take a strip of fabric and submerge it in the glue-water mixture. Once the strip is covered in glue, slide your fingers down the strip to get rid of excess glue.

4. Take the glue covered strip and place it inside the jar and position it. Make sure the pattern is facing out! Use the small paint brush to get rid of any air bubbles and to push down the fabric. If needed add more glue to your paint brush.
{add more glue}
5. Continue submerging strips and placing them inside the jar until it is completely covered.
6. Once the jar is covered add more glue if needed and place upside down so excess glue can drip down.
{flip upside down}
7. Let the jar dry until the strips are not super wet and cut off the excess length at the top of the jar. Put the silver top back onto the jar and let it dry completely {over night} until use.
{finished Mason Jar}

And that is how you make a fabric lined mason jar!

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