Monday, June 24, 2013

Five Minute Fix: Pill Pockets

Anyone who has a dog has gone through the struggle of trying to make them take their medication. Some popular tricks are to cover the pill in peanut butter, place the pill at the end of a cheese gong, or hide the pill in the food bowl. But, I have two insanely smart dogs {not biased or anything} and they always manage to leave behind the pills. So what do I do? 

The answer is actually quite easy! Go to your local pet store or veterinarian office and purchase "Pill Pockets" for about $13 {You can get cheaper brands such as "Pill Treats" from Walmart for $6 but my dogs don't like that kind}. 

Pill Pockets are quick and easy to use! You take out a pill pocket, place the pill in the middle and smooth the edges so the pill won't fall out. Now my dogs love eating their medicine! They gobble them up like treats!

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