Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some of our favorite blogs!

Recently this blog world has exploded with exciting new blogs to keep up with. We all have our own niche that has a certain audience but at the same time it is always interesting and exciting to put ourselves outside of the "usual" and try something new. So... to inspire you to read something you usually wouldn't here are some of our friends that have joined the blogosphere.

First of all, a great friend of mine began a blog and it kind of gave us the kick in the rear that we needed to really go for this whole blogging thing. We had always loved reading blogs but never thought it would be possible to really create our own and be successful at it. When Emily began her blog it kind of inspired us to collect all our ideas we had been saving and start this thing.  
Her blog, Shopping with (S)cheryl is a "semi-stylish blog about a few bubbalas who love to shop, spend, and (s)certainly save." Emily has a great sense of humor that shows in all of her posts and is definitely up to date in the fashion world. Check out her blog at http://emilypayne10.wordpress.com to keep up to date with all things fashion!

Next up, is Miss. Hannah Allen! When we began Five Time the Fun Hannah was a quick supporter who helped us with EVERYTHING! She helped us with some graphic design projects, crafting ideas, and even spreading the word about our blog. Hannah then created her own blog: Wildly Domestic! Her fun spirited, light, easy reads are perfect for anyone who loves "crafting, baking, working out, reading, decorating, building things, shopping" .... basically anything. To check out her blog go to 
http://wildlydomestichearts.blogspot.com, you will not regret it!

Last but not least, my health nut best friend Lacey McKee started a blog! Her blog, This Little Chickpea has amazing blog posts that are about healthy living and eating. She shares her "nutritional knowledge, records her cooking endeavors, and expresses her daily thoughts". If you need someone to inspire you, I can assure you that Lacey will be the one to do it. Check out her blog at http://laceytmckee.wordpress.com to check out her awesome foods that are both healthy & yummy!

Well, that is it for now. With pre-recruitment and recruitment well on its way, Facebook will be deactivated for this little blogger so keep up to date on all kinds of other things, try something new, and maybe even start a blog!

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