Monday, September 2, 2013

Geocaching.... what?

While searching for fun date ideas for Charlie {my boyfriend} and I, I came across something called "Geocaching". I'd never heard of it before and I was interested to see what it was about. So I downloaded the app {the beginner app is free} and began to learn about it!

here is a video to help you understand it:

What is Geocaching? Geocaching is the real-world adventure that is happening right now, all around you. You can use your app to seek out hidden treasures called geocaches. You can play nearly anywhere by using your app. There are over two million geocaches world wide!

How to play? You register. Enter postal code. Choose any geocache on the list. Use your GPS to help you find the hidden geocache. Sign the logbook and put the geocache back. Share your geocaching story.
{my app is the "intro" version so many of the geocaching locations are locked since I am not a premium member}

When you begin your first geocaching app there will be some tasks for you to complete. My first task was to go "Down the Lazy River". There was more information in the "About" section of the task which told me about access points and hidden sidewalks. Also the app has a difficulty, terrain, and size feature to help you find the object.  For your first adventure it is recommended that you find something that is either regular or large. Once you find your geocaching object write something down in the log, trade nick-nacks and continue onto your next task.

This app seems like the perfect thing to use for a date, a day out with kids or a fun task for anyone! I can't wait to drag Charlie around Naples searching for these geocaches! Let us know how you liked the app and what you think of geocaching:)

If you have any other questions go onto the Geocaching website RIGHT HERE:)

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