Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paint Swatch Calendar

Staying organized is super super important during this time of year. With school starting, volleyball games happening and work calling I needed a place to keep all my information. Instead of going to Target or Staples to buy myself a boring planner or calendar that will need to be replaced in a year, I decided to make my own!

So here is what you'll need:
- Dry Erase Markers
- Large Picture Frame
- Scissors
-7 Paint Swatches
-Glue or Tape

Get Started

First, I took my 7 paint swatches and get them into squares. My picture frame wasn't super big so I had to cut the swatches down even more then just alone the white edges. Depending on the type of paint swatch you have you won't need all of the colors about 4 will do. 

Next, glue or tape the paint swatches onto your picture frame. Make sure you have a similar amount of white in between each swatch. 

Finally, place the glass back into the picture frame and begin writing with the dry erase markers.

This project is quick, easy and super cute! Once the next month starts you just erase the writing and start again! I love mine:) 

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