Friday, September 27, 2013


Can't believe I have already been living in my perfect new home for over two months. I also can not believe that I haven't blogged about it! Here are some picture of all my STUFF {yes, I know... I come with a lot of stuff}

In all the excitement of moving in I didn't get a chance to take a "before" picture, but after my lovely daddy painted my new room and moved in my converted dresser {find out how to make one of your own here} and my bed I finally remembered I needed one of those shots.... so here it is. 

After three long {but fun!} days of moving in, here I am {in a horribly lit photo} in my perfect new room. More pictures and blog posts to come about how all the fun crafting projects found their new homes in my perfectly pink room in tallahassee soon! But first... recruitment fun!

Recruiting the PHInest... with my beautiful big :)

My most perfect bid day buddy! 

This pretty girl also became a phi mu in the last two months without blogging. Couldn't be happier to have her join me in this crazy sorority world. She has always been like my little sister because our moms forced us to spend time together when we were little but this time, we CHOSE to be sisters and like I've said 10000000 times... I couldn't be HAPPIER!!!

I've ALSO got big news... my most perfect little is joining the pham {OS4L} very very soon {tomorrow, in fact} but because she doesn't know who I am until our reveal tomorrow I can't say who my most perfect little is just yet. I will tell you though... SHE IS PERFECT!!! {hehe}

Fun little surprise from someone special :)

Danced the night away this week at our first social of the year with this beauty. 

That is it for now... but stay tuned for more details in my world. 

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