Monday, September 30, 2013

bookshelves, organization, and jewelry... oh my!

I knew coming up to college that I would need a bookshelf for organizational purposes. Once we got up here, hwoever, I didn't think there would be room for it. I was super disapointed when we were putting my room together that it wouldn't fit. I was happy to find that this little space between my window and my closet really needed something. After moving my room around 100 times we realized that this would fit perfectly here and it looks so clean and organized {two of my favorite things!} 

Here it is! All finished! My super functional book shelf, with organization, and hanging and resting jewelry space. Check out the inspiration for this project here!

I absolutely love these hooks {from Target} they are super perfect for both belts and large necklaces! Not only are the hooks super functional for large necklaces, I think they look adorable too. I needed a little something to even out the height on the other side of the window {pictures coming soon} so I added the two girls talking. It represents all the people I have in my life who I love. 

Below the hanging jewelry I have two desk organizers {$2.99 marshalls find} for watches, bangles, rings, and all kinds of other things. 

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