Saturday, October 19, 2013

My First Geocaching Experience!

After I posted about how Geocaching Works, I decided that I needed to try it out with Charlie. I was so extremely pumped to go searching for hidden treasures but Charlie, on the other hand, was not so into it. I begged, pleaded and eventually forced him to come with me. 

We were just having our usual Sunday lazy day. Laying on the couch watching a Harry Potter Marathon and enjoying each other's company. I finally got Charlie off his big butt and we drove to the Super Target near my house. We followed the geochaching app's instructions and found ourselves in a wooded area behind the superstore. I turned on the compass and watched as we got closer and closer to the hidden geocache with each step. The compass stopped working and hints and helpful tips popped up on my phone and told me where I should be looking and what to excpect. Charlie was the one who found the camoflauged geocache hidden under a fallen tree. 

We opened our hidden treasure and found an assortment of items inside! There were silly bands, little toys and braceletes. It was a really cool experience. We wrote our names down in the log book, put the geocache back and left it for the next adventurer.


 I would 100% recommend this activity for anyone looking for something new and different. I never would've known about all the fun adventures I was missing out on if it wasn't for the Geocaching world! So next time you're "soooo boreeeedd!" and you have "nothing to do!" get off your booty and go find some geocaches! It was a really fun experience:)

For the initial geocaching post with more of the "beginners" details click here.

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