Sunday, October 27, 2013

Little Update

This SoFla gal has been super super busy recently! So before my schedule gets super crammed and busy again, I want to tell you guys all about what's been happening with me:)

So Senior Year is off to a great start! I have finished applying to all my colleges and I am just waiting for my {fingers crossed!} acceptance letters. My top choice is obviously Florida State {Go Noles!} I can't wait to be up in Tallahassee with my sister 

Highschool football season is quickly coming to an end and as a senior, that means senior nights! My group of friends all made shirts and posters for our six senior boys. It was a pink out for breast cancer awarness! That was a really fun night and a great way to show school spirit and support our undefeated boys football team! 
With football ending means that volleyball season is ending. It's so sad that my seven year career is ending but I can't wait to go to college and play intermural or club level! 

Last week was Homecoming week! We had a strange four day week filled with theme days and activities 
Monday was Channel Day! Seniors were Disney Channel, so I dressed up as Alice in wonderland! My friend Adrienne was Jasmine and since Charlie is a Junior he had Nickelodeon and he was Rocket Power. It was a very fun day!

Tuesday was decade day! And I bet you can guess what we wereeeee. 80s! It was so funny to see everyone dressed up in their decade get up. We had music playing all day and everyone was rollerblading around school:) 
Wednesday was sort of a half day because the Juniors and below all had PSAT testing. Seniors had America Day! 

Thursday was Color Day! Senior are always red and we get to have an entrance:) so everyone in our grade decorated red cars, Jeeps and we even had a boat! It was a super fun day and we all celebrates being seniors and winning homecoming week

Homecoming week was super fun and even more fun was the dance on Saturday night! Everyone got all dressed up and had a great time

So as for now, that's a little update of my life!:) Hope everything's going good for all you fellow readers!


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