Monday, October 28, 2013

Detox... what?

After posting the picture of Jillian Michael's water detox, I decided it was a great idea to try it out!
These are the ingredients for the water detox. It was super easy and it tasted great! The lemon and cranberry juice made it super sweet. I went to Walmart and bought a 1.5L water bottle and I would fill it up with the water detox at night and drink it throughout the day. After finishing the detox I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I lost 5 pounds but since it was water weight I quickly gained it back after I finished the detox. I would definitely recommend this detox to anyone looking to kick start a diet plan. 

Here are some helpful tips:

-Boil 16 ounces of water {about one full mug} and brew the tea in there. It is easier to get the 60 ounces of water when you separate it
-The dandelion root tea is difficult to find. Just use a tea that the majority of ingredients is Dandelion Root. Mine was a Dandy Liver Detox which helped support a healthy liver function.
-The tea {to me} tastes the best when it is cool, so make it the night before, let it sit overnight in the fridge and drink the next day
-Just try it! Its super easy, tastes great and is good for your body!

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