Monday, March 31, 2014

Darby Smart

While scrolling through Pinterest one day I came across an extremely fun and simple craft by Lovely Indeed. It was a leather key chain tassel! Being the avid pinterester that I am, I immediately repined the pin to my ".:Crafts:." board and clicked on the link. I was then redirected to Chelsea's adorable blog, Lovely Indeed, where I learned how to make a simple leather key chain tassel. While reading through the post, I kept seeing references to another website called "Darby Smart". So I decided to investigate and thank goodness I did!

Darby Smart has quickly turned into my favorite website! For those of you who have yet to discover the magical world of Darby please continue reading....

Darby Smart puts "today's fashion and home trends at your fingertips." They achieve this by turning DIY projects into DIY kits. "With a Darby Smart kit, you can make and share your own style." 

So basically you can log onto the website, search for pretty much any craft you want and have the DIY instructions and materials send to your doorstep in a few days! Pretty much the best thing to ever happen to crafting.

So on my first trip to the Darby Smart website I purchased the Leather Tassel Keychain a 30 minute Do-It-Yourself Project for only $17.00 with free shipping and free returns. With your first visit to the website you receive a $10.00 coupon on any purchase, so this craft turned into a $7.00 one! 

The project included: Genuine Leather in Camel, E6000 Glue, 2 Gold Key Rings, 2 Mini Binder Clips, and DIY Instructions.
The keychain was quick and easy to make and a great accessory for my boring keys! I loved recieving my "Internet Rehab" in the mail and the package made me smile! 

I am now obsessed with Darby Smart and we hope to be {someday! fingers crossed} featured on Darby Smart as designers ....So go check it out!

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