Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three quick beauty tools

Favorite beauty finds…

Just a few beauty products that will change your life…

1. MAC longwear paint pot eye shadow primer:

My favorite shade is painterly but if you have a more yellow skin tone, soft ochre is probably closer to your tone. This primer can be used on a daily basis to keep your eye shadow from creasing, sweating, or bleeding into one color. I am not kidding when I say this stuff is GLUE. If you fall asleep in it, roll around, and go for a swim… your eye shadow will still be in place. This primer is $20 {seems a little steep} but I have used it daily for a year and it looks unused. I have also been hard pressed to find one that works as well as this one.

2. Mary-Lou Manizer

This is the best highlighter I have found. For those of you who haven't noticed… I LOVE MAKEUP TUTORIALS {no joke, i love them}. I have tried out many highlighters {including MAC, Bobbi Brown, and all sorts of drug stores} and the Mary-Lou Manizer is my absolute favorite. I use it as a highlighter for my cheeks, to make my lips bigger by applying it to my cupids bow, and as an eye shadow. The first time I ordered the product I was very disappointed because it was broken, the company was very gracious and sent me another and it too was broken. When I finally got one sent to me that was in one piece, I was hesitant to try it but it was well worth the wait. Also, the company let me keep the first two for free.. so I have enough highlighter for the rest of my life {hooray!}.

This mini straightener is a life saver if you have baby hairs {like me}. The straightener I linked above is about $30 but you can find others for much cheaper if you are looking in the right places. I chose this one for the adorable travel case and it seems to be of better quality. I do not personally have this one because I bought mine such a long time ago, but this seems very similar to mine. 

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