Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Vacation

So after a long break from the blogging world it is time to get back into things and start writing again. During our lovely Christmas Vacation we went to London and Paris for a week. It was fantastic! The travel crew was Mom, Dad, Paige, myself and Charlie :) We saw sooo many beautiful sights from the Tower of London to West Minster Abbey, from the Sacré-Cœur to the Eiffel Tower. Here are some picture from our fantastic trip. ENJOY!

For any of you Beatles fans {like Charlie}, you'll be happy to know that we took a little walk across Abbey Lane !

Anyone know what is so special about 221B Baker Street?
Little Hint: a very very famous detective from a fiction novel lived there
Sherlock Homes!

Royal Albert Hall

Famous Pub- "The Punchbowl" was owned by Madona and her husband Guy Richie
We watched the changing on the guards! and Charlie was a little cold so he tried keeping his nose warm on my latte! It was a beautiful day
After the changing of the guards we wandered down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace! 
hahaha :)

House of Parliament 
Big Ben
Horse Guard's Parade
Next we went and saw the House of Parliament, Big Ben and Horse Guard's Parade. All three of these buildings were incredible! For those of you who followed the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, you might recognize the name or the picture of Horse Guard's Parade. It was where the Beach Volleyball was held! What an incredible atmosphere that must've been :)

The entire trip through London was provided by a taxi tour company called "London Tours By Taxi" and our tour guide was Adrian Rouse. We would 100% reccomend this tour to anyone who wants to see the city, quickly and without a large tour. We were able to jump of of the taxi cab, take some pictures and then learn about the sights as we drove from sight to sight. It was fantastic! It is must when touring London!

Our next stop was Paris! None of us had ever been to Paris before, besides mum, and none of us spoke French so this was an experience! First we went to the Sagré-Cœur {which means Sacred Church}. 
Arc de Triomphe.

Eiffel Tower

The beautiful Eiffel Tower! It was incredible, this giant building just placed in the middle of a city.
The next part of our trip was by far my favorite. We went to the Love Lock Bridge. Charlie and I had special ordered a lock from www.makelovelocks.com and we had our names, anniversary date and an eiffel tower put on it. We attached our lock to the bridge and threw the key into the river. It was so amazing!

Our final stop in Paris was the beautiful Notre-Dame.

:) hope you enjoyed scrolling through all of our trip! let us know what you did this christmas vacation. Hope everyone is having a very wonderful New Year.

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