Thursday, December 26, 2013

London & Paris Trip... Stay Tuned!

Some of you have probably noticed our lack of posting over the past two weeks. Its not because we are loosing our love of blogging or because we've run out of things to blog about {trust me we have LOADS!}. Its because we've been, plain and simple, BUSY! Being a second year college student and a senior in high school we've had full plates with reviews, midterms and holiday get togethers. Also, we've been out of the country the past 6 days! And we, unfortunately, didn't have internet and we were unable to post about our lovely trip to London and Paris. But now that Santa has come and gone, its time for us to sit down with all our new blogging presents {yeee!} and begin writing and telling all of you about our vacation. So enjoy your family time today and get ready for an explosion of posts!

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