Thursday, January 16, 2014

Skin care routine

In a recent post about random products that are good for your skin I listed a few things that are probably around your house that you can easily implement into your skin care routine! After trying a few different combinations of these products I have found the perfect combination of products that I really love. Keep reading if you are interested in seeing how I combined the previously mentioned products!

As previously mentioned using these products can leave your skin red or irritated for an hour or so after using them so I recommend doing these things at night when your skin will have time to recover before applying makeup. 


Remove make up with an olay face wipe {4-in-1 daily face cloth} before using any of these products. Removing makeup from the skin is like starting with a clean slate and will allow the products to actually clean your skin and get into your pores instead of simply removing the makeup. Once my skin is free of most of my makeup I cleanse my skin with my cleanser recipe.

My cleanser "recipe": Combine a quarter size amount of Cetaphil cleanser with two drops of lemon juice and gently apply to skin in circular motions. Rinse off with luke warm water.

Now that my makeup is definitely all gone, the next step is to exfoliate. Your skin type and sensitivity will determine how often your skin should be exfoliated. Some people can exfoliate daily without any irritation and some can only exfoliate once a week. With my skin so dry at the moment I have been exfoliating every other day.

My exfoliator "recipe": Combine 1TBSP of baking soda with a few drops of warm water and a drop of Vitamin E oil. Rub this combination all over your damp skin {avoiding your eye area} in circular motions for as long as you feel necessary {don't exceed 5 minutes}. Once you are done exfoliating rinse your skin with luke warm water and make sure none of the baking soda granules are still on your skin. 

Now that your pores are open and clean, use some kind of toner to do a last cleaning and close the pores to avoid dust or dirt getting back into your pores. My favorite toner at the moment is by simple and it is a "soothing facial toner" that is 100% alcohol free.

I apply this with small gauze pads as they are not as absorbent as cotton balls. I was noticing a while back that a majority of my toner was being absorbed by the cotton ball and wasting the product before I could even apply it to my skin. 

Once I have toned my skin I like to apply a moisturizer Vitamin E combination to help moisturize my skin and reduce acne scarring. The moisturizer I am IN LOVE WITH right now is the Clinique "moisture surge extended thirst relief" it is quite pricey but it is so thick and it absorbs straight into my skin which I love. If you go to any Clinique counter they will give you a sample to try before committing to the product. I use about a dime sized amount of moisturizer and a TEENY TINY drop of vitamin E oil. The oil is incredibly thick and sticky so you really only need a small drop. Before applying the combination to my face I rub the moisturizer and oil together in my fingers and then apply all over my face.

After applying the moisturizer {and letting it soak in!} I apply a combination of baking soda and lemon juice to any pimples or problem areas on my face. Depending on how many blemishes you have on your skin will determine the amount of "zit zapper" that you need but make sure the consistency is thick and pastey. I leave this on my skin all night to help reduce inflammation and clear out my infected pores.

When I wake up in the morning I use my cleanser recipe to remove the "zit zapper" and any dust, dirt, or bacteria my skin has accumulated throughout the night!

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