Saturday, February 1, 2014

the thigh gap

Feet together… thighs apart. ugh. It used to be collar bones and hip bones and now... it's the thigh gap. If you haven't heard of or noticed the thigh gap before, you will now {sorry}. 

 A small space between your thighs is apparently the next best thing to clear skin, shiny hair, and a small waist. I think the thigh gap has become such a craze since leggings have become pants. 

Now that some spring break diets have started {for some smart crazies}, how can we get that gap?!

{Id be cool with her abs, too}

Robyn Lawley is an Australian model {who is stunnnnning} but is on the opposite end of this spectrum. Her thighs "kiss" and she is proud of it. This curvy voluptuous model has an important message that everyone {thigh gap or not} should listen to. She said, "I want my thighs to be bigger and stronger. I want to run faster and swim longer. I suppose we all just want different things, but women have enough pressure as it is without the added burden of achieving a “thigh gap.” ... We have the power to change perceptions about body image—and we have the power to stop harmful trends like the “thigh gap."

1. Kim Kardashian
2. Beyonce
3. Hillary Duff
4. Jennifer Lopez
5. Jennifer Lawrence
6. Tyra Banks
7. Kate Winslet
8. Hayden Panettiere

What do these eight beautiful & in shape women have in common.. NO THIGH GAP! Not to beat a dead horse… but… you can be beautiful without the gap.

There are a few ways to help you achieve this highly coveted space between your legs but a lot of it {unfortunately} is left to genetics. Most often, you can't have a great a$$ and a thigh gap... it's only fair girls, you really shouldn't be able to have it all. 

Iffffff, you still want to give the thigh gap a shot… here are some exercises we have collaborated that can help you achieve this look. 

If you are giving the thigh gap a shot: good luck & may the odds be ever in your favor
If you are thinking "hell to the no!": MORE POWER TO YOU.


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